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Traditional Processing

Traditional Processing

​​How is tax information received?

  • Via Face to Face meeting - paper information is presented at time of meeting
  • Drop off paper information to our office


How are tax returns filed?

  • Client comes to office to sign Form 8879 which allows The Livesay Group to electronically file (in most cases) the Federal and State Returns.
  • If local tax returns are required, they are presented to the Client when they come in sign the 8879 and must be mailed by the client manually.​​​


How are original tax documents including client copy of all tax returns prepared given back to the client?

  • When client comes in to sign 8879, the client will leave with their tax documents and client copy of all tax returns prepared.

In short, it is primarly meetings and paper.  

This Processing Method is by no means going away as we love catching up with our clients each year and this is a great way to do so.  However, if you would prefer a more digital approach check out one of our other options.